Super.AI Partner Program

Join an ecosystem of Software 2.0 pioneers using machine learning to solve complex challenges and generate concrete value for businesses.

What Is the super.AI 
Partner Program?

Super.AI's unified AI platform is the most versatile and powerful tool on the planet for creating end-to-end machine learning (ML) applications with robust human-in-the-loop (HITL) workflows. It is designed to deliver complex and demanding ML projects that generate business value with guaranteed quality, cost, and speed.

Our Partner Program brings together an ecosystem of Software 2.0 pioneers, allowing you to craft your success story in the ML industry. Today, we work with a multitude of partners to build solutions for current and future super.AI customers. We’re currently seeking additional experts in machine learning (ML) model training and Python development.


Grow Your Business

You’re in this industry for a reason. We’re standing at the foot of a mountain and the opportunities are there for the taking. As a Partner, you’ll have to opportunity to generate revenue by solving real world problems for some of the leading customers in the intelligent automation space. You will benefit from the support of a platform company, enabling you to focus on the effortless development and redevelopment of customer-focused applications.

Here's How it Works

Qualify for the partner program by completing a simple test project. We will conduct a non-commercial project simulating a real customer POC. We’re seeking companies with strong project management competency that are adept at breaking down complex problems and learning new technology.
Whether it’s for a customer project or to improve our core product features, we aim to match key partner expertise with business problems that are solvable using ML.
Once a partner and work-item are matched, we work together to deliver end-to-end ML applications built on top the super.AI platform.
Projects can be compensated on a time and material basis or for a fixed fee. Challenge and grow your ML knowledge and business alongside our global partner network.