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It's called programmatic weak supervision and allows you to use any type of worker (human, AI, or Software).

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the super.ai money-back guarantee

Guaranteed quality, cost, and speed! Yes!

Try the super.AI system entirely at our expense. Test us out for 14 days so you can experience ease of use, quality, and time savings that were just not possible in the past.

Super.AI must meet your quality goals or all your money back.
Super.AI must return your data back in the promised time or return your full purchase price.
Bonus: super.AI must get significantly better, faster, and cheaper over time or you get a heavy discount.

use cases

With great power comes
great responsibility

Named Entity Recognition
Instance Segmentation
Video Bounding Box
Audio Transcription

See a direct comparison to other solutions :

Lionbridge, and more!
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See some proof for yourself

1. Start phone timer

Add data from your local computer, from URLs, from JSON, from your cloud provider, on-premise data center, or programatically from Python, cURL, or our CLI. Send at least 10 data points to super.AI when you get the response on the website, stop the timer. You'll see that it's under the time you set.

2. Count correct / total

Submit at least 100 data points to which you already know the answer. When you get the response, count how many matched your answers and divide by the total number. You'll see that the result is greater than the accuracy you set.

3. Bonus: compare to other services

Bonus: repeat steps 1 and 2 with another labeling service with at least 100 data points, and you'll you able to reproduce the study below.

learns on your data

Get better with age

Not only will you see these great results now, you will see it improve over time. Do the same measurements the first week, the first month, and the third month. You will see a classic logarithmic curve.

Average cost

Understand the dark side of your data

Someday, if you ever have a spare moment, look at your data sorted by loss on the model, you’ll learn more about your problem in 1 day than any book could teach you in a year

You'll quickly learn how non-sensible the data you're feeding into your model is. You spend so much time and money doing machine learning and a basic thing such as data robs you of progress.
Now look at the data in your dashboard. It’s labeled, checked, and double checked automatically. Data that is questionable is already flagged for feedback. You don’t lose control, you just save time.
But that’s just the beginning: this data is already used to train the model and automate the process. The tool suggests data similar to the ones it got wrong to reinforce learning.
And that’s still just the beginning: learning from this data is carried over into your other projects so you never need to start from scratch again.
The super.AI system gives such high quality data at a low price that we can give you guarantees you’ve never heard of before. Why not instead let super.AI automatically label your data and you focus on unique innovation in your business.

super.ai BENEFITS

The non-obvious benefits of super.AI

Fast iterations

You can upload and iterate on your data extremely fast, thereby reducing time and costs.

Transfer labeling

If you are still building your dataset to train your model, you know this can take a long time. Get access to similar datasets to accelerate your process.

Scales with unlabeled data

Accelerate your unsupervised machine learning projects.

Use any labeling source

You can use humans, software, or AI. What's more, you can use our labelers or your own crowd.

10-minute implementation

It really doesn't get much easier than this. Submit your data in three easy steps and start integrating AI into your business.

Super.AI guarantee

Try us risk free. If you're not seeing the expected results, we give you your money back.

9.2x faster implementation

Forget about month-long integrations, with costly delays and complications. Integrating super.AI is considerably faster.


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