AI-Powered Image Anonymization

Anonymize images at scale with an enterprise solution that blurs sensitive content in your images with high precision and recall. Tailor the solution to your project’s requirements using custom settings and automate it all with our API.

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Redact Faces
Redact Brands
Redact License Plates

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High-Precision Blur

Automatically blur personal identifiable information (PII) including faces, brands, license plates, and text.

Privacy compliant

Our service adheres to the latest privacy standards, including GDPR and CCPA, so you can share your data with confidence.


Review output metadata, such as bounding box locations and objects detected. JSON metadata provides extra information without affecting privacy compliancy.

API Integration

Our thoroughly documented API enables seamless integration with your product or service.


Reduce your storage demands by cropping images and reducing file sizes.


Select the objects that you want blurred in your image set. Choose between faces, license plates, brands, and text characters—or all of them at once.


On demand
$89 USD
High Precision Blur REST API
Included Volume: 500 images*
Monthly Contract
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7 days trial with 15 images included
*Monthly volume: Usage exceeding the included volume will be charged on top
High Precision Blur REST API
Integration Support
Dedicated SLA (precision guarantee)
Privacy Warranties
*Monthly volume: Usage exceeding the included volume will be charged on top
Global Insurance Company

"We are impressed by the high precision and recall of super.AI Image Redact. The integration in our operations pipeline was easy thanks to the well documented API. The service overachieved our expectations with respect to response times. In addition, the post-processing of the images comes in handy to save storage cost on our end."

Operations Manager, Global Insurance Company
European Automotive Supplier

“We decided to use super.AI Image Redact because of the functionality to redact license plates, faces, brands and other text in images in one go. The API integration helped us to massively improve the user experience of our application.”

Senior Product Manager, European Automotive Supplier



Prepare your data for computer vision training and serial production.


Enable your teams to run analytics on your clients’ data while remaining GDPR compliant.


Super.AI Redact enables your researchers to run experiments and collaborate without worrying about data privacy.

Easy & Secure API Integration

API Integration
Super.AI strives to deliver the best possible developer experience. Our well documented, easy-to-use API enables fast results. Customer support is always on hand to answer your questions.
Privacy & Compliance
Our customers trust us with their most sensitive data. As such, we treat security as a core functional requirement. We take exhaustive steps to protect information from accidental or deliberate theft, leakage, integrity compromise, and deletion. We comply with industry standards such as GDPR and CCPA.
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curl "" \
-H "API-KEY: live_1Ab23cdEFGH4iJ5K67Lmnop8qR10STulWX_2y3Za4_B" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{ "inputs": [ {"image_url":""},{"image_url":""},{"image_url":""} ],"tags": ["demo", "samples"]}'
import superai as ai

client = ai.Client("live_1Ab23cdEFGH4iJ5K67Lmnop8qR10STulWX_2y3Za4_B")

response = client.create_jobs(
   inputs=[{"image_url":""},{"image_url":""},{"image_url":""} ],
superai client create_jobs \
   --app_id 123abc45-6789-01de-f2g3-45h67ijk8901 \
   --inputs '[{"image_url":""},{"image_url":""},{"image_url":""}]'

7-day free trial

We believe you should see it for yourself. Our free trial provides total access to our service for 7 days and includes the free processing of 15 images.

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Frequently asked questions

Technical and Product

What is super.AI Image Redact?
An image redaction service that allows customers to remove PII from images. It allows the customer to redact license plates, faces, brands, and text in the image.
Can the redaction be reverse engineered?
No, we are using a median filter which loses nearby pixel values and can't be reverse engineered.
Can I integrate super.AI Image Redact via API?
Yes. We have a well documented API. Take a look at our API reference, which covers every endpoint and parameter. This allows you to integrate Redact into your own application or service.
Do you offer a UI?
Yes. Besides the API, you can use the service via the UI, where you can drag and drop images for redaction and review results.
Can I decide which features are removed in an image?
Yes. You can choose between one or all of the following features to be redacted: faces, license plates, brands, and text in general.
Are there minimum hardware or software requirements to use the service?
No. If you use our API, you just need a stable internet connection.
What image types are supported?
We support JPEG, GIF, PNG, and SVG image formats. Find a full list of supported input formats and media types in our documentation.
Does your AI-based redaction work on any scenario and dataset or does it need training for new datasets first?
Our AI-based service is a generally applicable, out-of-the-box solution. However, if you have very unusual settings and/or perspectives, we offer custom model training. Please contact our sales team.
What is the maximum resolution you support?
Our service offers the best performance with resolutions up to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels). Larger resolutions can be processed, but may result in slower response times.

Data Privacy & Security

Which data privacy regulations do you comply with?
The service is GDPR and CCPA compliant.
Where is the service hosted?
The super.AI platform is built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the service is hosted in their US-East (Virginia) Region. If you are interested in a deployment in another region please contact our sales team.
Do you store my data?
Customers can decide if data is stored or deleted from their project. Throughout the entire anonymization process, we comply with the highest data security and data privacy standards (GDPR, CCPA, CSL/PIS, etc.).

Billing & Payment

What does the pricing look like?
We offer a monthly base fee of 89 USD, which includes processing of 500 images. Additional images will be charged on top. For a custom enterprise deal please contact our sales team.
Is there a free version?
You can use the full functionality of Image Redact in the 7-day free trial. No credit card needed - you only need to sign up for our platform. After the trial ends, you need to select a plan to continue using the app.
What is the usage limit?
There is no usage limit. You can use the service on as many data points as you wish. We will calculate the monthly bill accordingly.
What payment methods are available?
We accept credit cards for the standard plans. If you require a different method, please contact our sales team.


Do you offer document, audio, or video redaction?