One line of code, and your product has AI

Integrating the API will give you access to humans and AI—to give your product the appearance it’s pure AI.

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Ask yourself how AI could make your product launch better

Is it slow and painful to get engineering effort to test out new product ideas with AI?
Do you lack an army of data scientists?
Are you constrained by scaling out your product because of slow, expensive, and inaccurate human labor?


15 minutes to have AI in your product

You've been assigned an ambitious new project, with a limited budget and a tight timeline. You don't even know if people will like it, so you don't want to spend 4 months building a data science team. Test it fast, without making a big bet, to see if people actually like your product.

Choose your desired application out of 1000s of APIs (or have a custom one built in 24 hrs)
Copy and paste a single line of code into your product
See AI + human predictions coming in real time with no need for data scientists

Little by little, AI is automatically brought into your product. The end user won’t even be aware of what’s going on behind the scenes. They will just see your product’s quality and speed continuously increase and will be impressed.

We thought they had an army of data scientists building this

Use Cases

Unlock additional powers for your product

Customer Insights

Process video footage in supermarkets to understand customer behaviour, interaction with products.

Smart Speakers

Use speech recognition techniques to analyze voices and determine what was said.


Build a chatbot solution to assist with your customer service and sales.

Content Moderation

Analyze a large volume of user comments and automatically monitor and apply a pre-determined set of rules and guidelines to user-generated submissions.

Product Recommendations

Improve your recommendation engine and increase revenue & user engagement.

Search Engine Improvement

With the help of AI, you can better tag and surface your inventory, and improve the user funnel and conversion rates.

AI is complicated, slow, and expensive. Think again!

There’s a widespread idea that integrating AI into your product is risky, time consuming, and often comes with mixed results. We beg to differ!  “My CTO thanked me for validating this project before using her valuable engineering resources.“

You need in-house data scientists for AI.
With super.AI, you do not need this. You can easily integrate AI with our API, we'll take care of the rest.
It takes a lot of time before you can see the benefits of AI.
Thanks to our fast integration, you can iterate with your data quickly and adjust in a few days without having to wait for months to see the results.
AI integration costs a lot of money.
Our platform is adjusted to your requirements of cost, quality and speed. You can test with an initial dataset before deciding to fully integrate.
AI is too risky.
Thanks to fast integration, ability to iterate quickly, the speed of processing your data, and our guaranteed quality, you can integrate and test risk-free.

JUST 15 Minutes to integrate AI

Sounds too good to be true? See some proof yourself

1. Start phone timer

Choose your desired application out of 100s of APIs (or have a custom one built in 24 hrs) Copy the line of code from the super.AI dashboard in your desired language (Python, CLI, SDK, etc.).

2. Integrate a single line of code into your product

Paste that code into your application where you receive the data and see the results.

3. Test the results

Test your application and you will see intelligent responses immediately. See AI + human predictions coming in real-time with no need for data scientists.

Let’s put that into perspective

3 months
saved yourself TIME
Company mindset

the money-back guarantee

Guaranteed quality, cost, and speed! Yes!

Try the super.AI system entirely at our expense. Test us out for 14 days so you can experience ease of use, quality, and time savings that were just not possible in the past.

Super.AI must meet your quality goals or you get all your money back.
Super.AI must return the data back in the promised time or return your full purchase price.
Bonus: super.AI must get significantly better, faster, and cheaper over time or you get a heavy discount.

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Case Studies

You are in great company BENEFITS

The non-obvious benefits of super.AI

Easy AI with simple API integration

AI has never been so easy. Integrate a single line of code and start seeing intelligence in your product straight away. Thanks to your humans and AI solution, you get human quality at AI speeds.

Real-time insights with shared dashboard

You can check your project status, and get key insights into progress, measured quality levels, and overall activity.

Your AI model is training in the background

As we process your data, we are also training your machine learning model in the background.


Get started on your automation journey

Talk to a Unstructured Data Processing expert and see how you can get started

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