Don’t be a slave to your work. Let AI do it for you.

MAKE YOUR LIFE SIMPLER. Get your data processed in < 1min WITH A Simple drag and drop interface which can handle billions of images

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Take the mundane out of your work

Think about all the repetitive tasks you do all day. Taking pictures, listening to calls, writing up reports, transcribing serial numbers of assets for hours. What if you could let AI do this for you? Claim your job back and bring back creativity and fun to your day to day.

Without super.AI

1. Take pictures on inspections
2. Create transcription interface and database
3. Have your highly skilled people manually transcribe serial numbers
4. Check quality by reviewing the manually transcribed numbers
5. Copy transcribed data into core system
6. Take 6 months for external firm to train, deploy, and monitor AI model to automate this process for you
7. Maintain, version, and update system
8. Get your tasks done in several hours

With super.AI

1. Take pictures on inspections
2. Upload to Super.AI
3. Get your tasks done in 1 hour

Automating your processes with AI really can be that easy.

Use Cases

Just send us the photos, we do the rest

Seismic Risk Assessments

Automate analysis of seismic hazard and assessing structural vulnerability.

Feasibility Studies

Accelerate the feasibility studies with automated analysis of site images.

Fuel System Inspections

Automate the processing of your fuel Inspection for wear, damage, or leaks.

Site Investigation Reports

Automate the processing of site photos and observations into your report.

Equipment Inventory & Tagging

Automate asset tagging and management by quickly transcribing the tags into your format of choice.

Green PCA Assessment

Automate Energy Audits and PCAs.

Storm Assessment Restoration

Ensure rapid and organized storm damage assessments and restoration services to reduce loss to property revenue.

Property Condition Assessments

Automate the evaluation of commercial real estate assets.

Water Intrusion Assessments

Expedite your water intrusion assessments by automating the processing of room-by-room documentation of the damage to all surfaces.

Site Condition Surveys

Help your licensed Engineers speed up their Condition Surveys required for the purchase, sale, re-financing, renovation and/or maintenance of a property and building(s).

Roof Assessments

Automate the processing of roof inspection imagery and accelerate the examination of the condition of the facility.

Pavement Evaluations

Automate the processing of pavement evaluations to determine functional and structural conditions.

Facility Condition Assessments

Automate your FCAs for owners or managers of real estate portfolios and help them optimize and maintain the physical condition and value of their assets.

ADA Assessments

Scale the evaluation of a property's compliance with applicable federal, state, and local accessibility regulations.

How does it work in action?


You can see the difference in a couple of days

You try the super.AI system entirely at our risk. We recommend to test it for 14 days, and experience the ease of use, quality and time savings you haven’t had before.

1. Measure Current State

Measure how many visitations you are doing in a normal day. Then measure the time it takes from image upload, transcriptions, and measure the accuracy of 10% of them.

2. Measure Super.AI ROI

The next day, use the super.AI system, and measure the same things. What you will see is if you subtract the times there will be a 2 hr difference, and the quality will be > 10% better.

3. Bonus: Improves over time

If you do this measurement every few months, you will see the time get faster and faster. It will drop after a few months by 63%.

The value you get

10 days/year
saved yourself TIME

the money-back guarantee

Guaranteed Quality, Cost, and Speed! Yes!

You try the super.AI system entirely at our risk. We recommend to test it for 14 days, and experience the ease of use, quality and time savings you haven’t had before. If you check the accuracy on a random sample of at least 1000 images and it's not more accurate than what you are currently doing, you get a refund.

Super.AI must meet your quality goals or give all your money back.
Super.AI must return your processed data back in the promised time or return your full purchase price back.
Bonus: super.AI must get significantly better, faster, & cheaper over time or you get a heavy discount.

AI is complicated, slow and expensive. Think again!

There’s a widespread idea out that integration AI into your product is risky, timely and often with mixed results. We beg to differ!

AI is too expensive. Not with super.AI. Thanks to its very simple drag and drop interface, all you need to do is submit us your data. We will do the rest.
AI is too complicated To get started, you just need to upload your images. We'll take care of the rest.
My images and other data is too complex We've worked with tens of customers on highly specialized data points and were able to always deliver more than 90% quality. Our solution offers the option to bring in your own labelers and reviewers to guarantee the level of quality you desire.
I don't have Data Scientists With super.AI you do not need this. You can easily integrate AI with our API, we'll take care of the rest.

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Case Studies


The simplicity of super.AI

Automate your process with AI, free up your site inspectors

Free up your site inspectors time. Let's face it, the current process is highly manual, error prone and time consuming for your site inspectors.

Increase processing speed

Your site inspectors send several hours daily uploading site images one by one. This takes a lot of time away from their core job and slows your overall process.

Reduce errors and costs

At the end of a long day of work, your site inspectors need to input serial numbers. Let's face it, this is a soul crushing job that nobody really wants to do and it's not a surprise that errors arise, causing additional costs for your company.


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