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Use Cases

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Nameplate Data Extraction

Use AI to extract decision-making information such as equipment serial number, product expiry date, etc. from inspection images.

Product Defect Detection

Automate the detection of defects in products during manufacturing such as cosmetic, welding, and assembly defects using AI.

Damage Detection

Use AI to automate the detection of equipment or building damage such as cracks, corrosion, and water damage from inspection images.

Inspection Image classification

Automate classification of thousands of images taken from the inspection sites to reduce inspection and certification costs.

Product Packaging Validation

Use AI to validate the label accuracy and detect packaging defects faster

Seismic Risk Assessments

Automate analysis of seismic hazard and assessing structural vulnerability.

Feasibility Studies

Accelerate the feasibility studies with automated analysis of site images.

Fuel System Inspections

Automate the processing of your fuel Inspection for wear, damage, or leaks.

Site Investigation Reports

Automate the processing of site photos and observations into your report.

Equipment Inventory & Tagging

Automate asset tagging and management by quickly transcribing the tags into your format of choice.

Green PCA Assessment

Automate Energy Audits and PCAs.

Storm Assessment Restoration

Ensure rapid and organized storm damage assessments and restoration services to reduce loss to property revenue.

Property Condition Assessments

Automate the evaluation of commercial real estate assets.

Water Intrusion Assessments

Expedite your water intrusion assessments by automating the processing of room-by-room documentation of the damage to all surfaces.

Site Condition Surveys

Help your licensed Engineers speed up their Condition Surveys required for the purchase, sale, re-financing, renovation and/or maintenance of a property and building(s).

Roof Assessments

Automate the processing of roof inspection imagery and accelerate the examination of the condition of the facility.

Pavement Evaluations

Automate the processing of pavement evaluations to determine functional and structural conditions.

Facility Condition Assessments

Automate your FCAs for owners or managers of real estate portfolios and help them optimize and maintain the physical condition and value of their assets.

ADA Assessments

Scale the evaluation of a property's compliance with applicable federal, state, and local accessibility regulations.

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Case Studies BENEFITS

The 3 Pillars of super.AI

Automate your process with AI, free up your site inspectors

Free up your site inspectors time. Let's face it, the current process is highly manual, error prone and time consuming for your site inspectors.

Increase processing speed

Your site inspectors send several hours daily uploading site images one by one. This takes a lot of time away from their core job and slows your overall process.

Reduce errors and costs

At the end of a long day of work, your site inspectors need to input serial numbers. Let's face it, this is a soul crushing job that nobody really wants to do and it's not a surprise that errors arise, causing additional costs for your company.


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