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Use Cases

With great power comes great responsibility

Smart Speakers

Use speech recognition techniques to analyze voices and determine what was said.


Build a chatbot solution to assist with your customer service and sales.

Content Moderation

Analyze a large volume of user comments and automatically monitor and apply a pre-determined set of rules and guidelines to user-generated submissions.

Knowledge Graph

Build a collection of interlinked descriptions of entities – objects, events or concept with the help of AI.

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Case Studies

You are in great company

super.ai pillars

The 3 Pillars of super.AI

World's first guaranteed AI service

Choose your desired quality level and we will guarantee it for you. We can deliver thanks to our data programming and Meta AI capabilities.

Easy AI

AI doesn't have to be complicated. We offer a single interface and infrastructure. You only integrate once and we take care of the rest.

90% cost saving with weak supervision

Use all sources of supervision and combine them to achieve your required quality threshold. The more information you add, the higher the quality.


Get started on your automation journey

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