Use Cases

Automate Car Image Segmentation with AI

Detect vehicles in images and videos and isolate them from their surroundings automatically.

Automatic Car Image Segmentation That Scales

To understand what is in an image with fine granularity, a computer vision technique called image segmentation is used. Photos are made up of millions of individual pixels, and the purpose of image segmentation is to determine which object each pixel belongs to. This allows separating the foreground from the background, identifying precise locations of objects, and clearly marking boundaries that separate entities.

AI-automated Solution for Car Image Segmentation

Accurately build training datasets for autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Car image segmentation involves using AI to reliably segment cars in images. Regardless of variance in image quality (e.g., lighting, resolution, angle, etc.), intelligent unstructured data processing ensures cars are identified and segmented from images automatically with a high level of accuracy.


Data accuracy

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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Reduce data processing costs by up to 90% with AI-automated car image segmentation.
Improve Quality
Be confident in your data with over 150 quality control mechanisms that guarantee output.
Save Time
Segment image data at scale in minutes with the largest global crowd available 24/7.

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