Use Cases

Cost of Corrosion

In industries like mining, transportation, and oil and gas, corrosion is the biggest threat to asset longevity. NACE estimates the global annual cost of corrosion at a staggering $2.5T. In the U.S. alone, annual carbon steel corrosion cost is estimated to be $276 billion. Check the Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies In the United States Report.

For corrosion types identifiable through visual examination, inspection involves site visits to photograph/record, followed by painstaking review of captured images/video to identify and highlight corroded areas.

AI-automated Solution for Monitoring and Detecting Corrosion

Detect and inspect corrosion in images and video

Super.Image is an AI-powered image processing solution that can automatically identify corrosion in image and video data. Removing manual effort from corrosion detection lowers inspection costs while increasing both speed and accuracy.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Eliminate more than 90% of manual data entry, drastically lowering data processing costs.
Improve Accuracy
AI never gets tired or loses focus. Eliminate human error with always-on monitoring.
Accelerate Issue Detection
Don't let expensive, critical equipment fall into disrepair. Detect issues early to keep repair costs low.

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