Automate corrosion detection with AI

Automate corrosion detection with AI

Apply AI to identify corrosion in boilers, pipes, storage tanks, vessels, and equipment through images and videos.

Cost of corrosion

In industries like mining, transportation, and oil and gas, corrosion is the biggest threat to asset longevity. NACE estimates the global annual cost of corrosion at a staggering $2.5T. In the U.S. alone, annual carbon steel corrosion cost is estimated to be $276 billion. Check the Corrosion Costs and Preventive Strategies In the United States Report.

For corrosion types identifiable through visual examination, inspection involves site visits to photograph/record, followed by painstaking review of captured images/video to identify and highlight corroded areas.

Automated AI solution for monitoring and detecting corrosion

Detect and inspect corrosion in images with Super.Image from Super.AI

Super.Image is an advanced AI solution that learns from human labeling/training to automate the detection of corrosion within images. Automating corrosion detection with Super.Image drives a significant reduction in corrosion inspection costs and increased detection speed and accuracy.

Benefits of corrosion monitoring and detection

Reduce Costs
Improve Accuracy
Detect Issues Faster

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