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Automate Document Redaction with AI

Stop manually redacting sensitive information from documents and let AI do it for you.

Redacting Sensitive Information from Documents at Scale is Tedious, Time Consuming, and Error Prone

Businesses continue to rely on documents to get things done. As we head into a paperless future, expanding digital document stores present a growing challenge for businesses seeking to protect the sensitive information within them. Not only are massive volumes of documents difficult to process and redact, but unstructured text and images within them may contain sensitive data that is difficult for existing optical character recognition (OCR) solutions to recognize. More than 90% of manual redaction work can be eliminated by using Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) to automate document redaction at scale.

Automated Solution for Document Redaction

Let AI do it for you

Quickly and accurately redact sensitive information from documents, including including names (people, organizations, etc.), phone numbers, dates, street addresses, email addresses, vehicle identification numbers and more. Redact handwriting and text in multiple languages. Additionally, personally identifiable information (PII) like faces and license plates can be automatically identified and removed from embedded graphics and images in any document.


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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Drastically reduce costs by 80% or more by automating document redaction.
Improve Accuracy
Eliminate human error from document redaction with guaranteed accuracy.
Save Time
Reduce time spent on document redaction by up to 5X with AI-powered automation.

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