Use Cases

Automate Email Classification with AI

Accelerate customer service response times and better protect sensitive information with automatic email classification powered by artificial intelligence.

Modern Protections & Convenience for Email

Email has been around longer than the internet itself. Despite its age, it remains one of the most popular forms of digital communication. However, replying to emails at scale, with limited resources at hand can be a challenge. Additionally, email can contain sensitive or protected information that can be difficult to locate or recognize amid unstructured email data.

AI-automated Solution for Email Classification

Respond to email instantly and protect sensitive data at scale

By automating email classification with AI, companies can intelligently reply to customer service inquiries or other queries automatically. Sensitive data can also be automatically protected with intelligent automations.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Reduce customer service, compliance review, and other costs associated with manual email.
Protect Data
Better assess compliance, prevent accidental data loss, and improve ROI on other data protection tools.
Respond Faster
Respond to inquiries instantaneously with intelligent AI-automated responses.

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