Use Cases

Blur Faces in Images and Videos Automatically

Detect and redact faces from images and videos automatically using artificial intelligence. Leverage the power of AI to automate face blurring at the push of a button—without writing a single line of code.

Manual Redaction is Time Consuming, Expensive, & Error Prone

Quickly and accurately anonymize images and videos using the intuitive super.AI Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform. Leverage our intuitive, no-code user interface to efficiently apply AI-automated redaction to any unstructured data type at scale. Simply upload your data, define your project settings, and let AI take care the rest. In the UDP Platform dashboard you can track the status of tasks and download blurred images and videos.

AI-automated Solution for Face Blurring

Transform how your organization blurs faces in images and videos

Leverage the power of AI to anonymize image, video, and any other unstructured data type at scale. Blur faces with guaranteed accuracy (and without writing a single line of code). Seamlessly integrate UDP with your existing investments and workflows using our well documented API. Anonymize image and video data with the confidence of knowing super.AI complies with the highest data privacy standards such as GDPR & CCPA. For more information, download our data security white paper.


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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Eliminate manual redaction entirely by leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically blur faces in video and images.
Improve Accuracy
Blur faces in video and images at scale with guaranteed accuracy.
Save Time
Decrease redaction time by up to 90% with AI-automated face blurring.

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