Use Cases

Automate License Plate Redaction with AI

Automatically redact license plates from images and videos using artificial intelligence.

Manual Redaction Doesn't Scale

License plate numbers contain personal information about people that can be revealing or put people at risk when authorities are attempting to solve crimes. Manually reviewing and redacting license plates from image and video datasets is time consuming, with a human taking as long as 50 minutes for a single 5-minute video. Additionally, people make mistakes which can result in license plate data being shared inadvertantly.

AI-automated License Plate Redaction

Save time and money while improving trust and security

Super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing Platform was built to process and analyze unstructured information at scale. This powerful platform can easily locate and remove license plates from any video or image with guaranteed accuracy.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Key Benefits

Lower Redaction Costs
Scale redaction tasks thanks to faster turnaround with AI-powered automation.
Improve Safety & Trust
Solve crimes in real time. Make information public without comprimising privacy.
Save Time
Reduce hours long redaction tasks to minutes. Scale redaction with limited resources.

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