Use Cases

Instantly Generate Detailed Retail Product Tags

Automate product tagging with super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform. Quickly create detailed tags and product metadata, saving time and reducing manual labor costs.

Manually Creating Product Metadata is Tedious & Time Consuming

Delivering a positive online shopping experience requires creating, assigning, and managing tags for each product to describe, categorize, and structure its position within a product catalogue. This product metadata is usually created by a merchandising team that owns the assortment categorization and display of a brand's entire inventory. This time consuming and tedious is a primate candidate for AI-powered automation.

AI-automated Solution for Product Tagging

Quickly enrich product data without learning to code

Super.AI's automated product tagging solution leverages Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) powered by no-code AI to extract and enrich product data. Continuous learning and instant results mean the platform learns over time (and from user feedback) and is dramatically faster than manual effort. Free up human resources to focus on the work that matters most by automating product tagging with artificial intelligence.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Decrease manual involvement in product tagging by 60% or more.
Better Engagement
Increase unique product views and drive higher conversion rates.
Faster Product Digitization
Save time and shorten the go-to-market period by up to 90%.

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