Use Cases

Automate Property Damage Detection with AI

Quickly assess property damage using machine learning. Identify damage in concrete surfaces such as fine cracks, efflorescence cracks, exposed rebar, corrosion, and spalling.

Manual Property Damage Evaluation Doesn't Scale

Evaluating property damage is a time consuming task that requires specialized labor to complete properly. Amid a global labor shortage, finding (not to mention compensating) skilled damage assessment specialists is a difficult and onerous task. Additionally, human workers are limited in their ability to process damage reports at scale, making it difficult to ramp up output without incurring significant overhead in the form of increased head count.

AI-automated Solution for Property Damage Detection

Detect and evaluate property damage automatically with AI

Quickly and efficiently detect property damage from images and videos of buildings, parking lots, and other critical infrastructure. Process massive volumes of unstructured image and video data at scale with an accuracy guarantee. Incorporate your in-house experts into workflows to train AI models and increase automation rates over time.


Data accuracy

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Key Benefits

Lower Costs
Reduce human involvement in damage detection and evaluation, drastically lowering costs.
Guarantee Accuracy
Any combination of AI, software, and human workers can be used to guarantee detection accuracy.
Save Time
Quickly and efficiently detect property damage at scale with always-on monitoring.

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