Use Cases

Automate Review Categorization with AI

Automatically categorize reviews using AI-powered sentiment analysis.

Unlock Unusable Reviews Data

Reviews are the quintessential unstructured data, consisting of free form customer comments posted on social media, websites, and various other locations. Unstructured feedback is usually qualitative, but it provides an invaluable source of insight into how customers are thinking, feeling, and talking about a brand or product. As businesses interact with customers in a increasing number of digital touch points, including chat, SMS, social media, and more, companies can aggregate this unstructured data,  process it at scale, then extract insights that lead to more informed decisions.

AI-automated Solution for Reviews Categorization

Better understand the motivations and sentiments behind reviews

Super.AI's Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) Platform makes it possible to quickly analyze large volumes of reviews data to unveil what drives consumer sentiment. Categorize reviews based on your own custom sub-topics such as "Positive - Liked ad" or "Negative - Too expensive." Incorporate unstructured reviews data from any source, including social media posts, news, reviews, and more.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Fewer Negative Reviews
Identify common issues leading to negatives and resolve them.
More Insightful Marketing
Advance your marketing strategy by better understanding the motivations behind purchasing decisions.
Faster Analysis
Understand your customers wants and needs as the evolve in real-time with automated analysis.

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