Use Cases

Automate Roof Inspections with AI

Leverage artificial intelligence to automate roof inspections, tackle the demands of an evolving industry, and scale service amid a tight labor market.

The Roofing Industry is Changing

Like most industries, roofing is evolving. Consumers have high expectations for speed and quality of service, and insurance companies want more detail than ever before. Finding skilled laborers is harder than ever, and climate change means volatile weather and massive storms can strike at ay moment. To help rise to the occasion and satisfy these demands, roofing companies are looking to artificial intelligence to scale inspections.

AI-automated Solution for Roof Inspection

Detect damage from storms and other incidents automatically

Identify hail hits, wind damage, rust, wrinkling, blistering, and many other defects caused by weather in roofs automatically. Accelerate roof inspection with AI-automated inspection that can reduce hours long inspections to a matter of minutes. Leverage the experience of inspection efforts to train AI models and increase automation rates over time. Provide insurance companies with all the details needed to efficiently process and approve claims.


Data accuracy

Platform Success Story

Lower Costs
Drastically reduce costs by 80% or more by automating roof inspection.
Better Results
Route inspection tasks to any combination of AI, software, and human workers for guaranteed results.
Save Time
Efficiently scale inspections without increasing head count with AI-powered automation.

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