Introducing Super.AI Image Redact

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Introducing Super.AI Image Redact

Digital imagery now forms the backbone of thousands of business models, research institutions, and government agencies. This has created a contingent need for privacy protection to remain compliant with regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA.

Many companies and organizations find dealing with imagery has become a blocker: they can no longer operate the way they originally imagined, because they can’t handle the anonymisation process accurately at scale. 

We’re providing [Super.AI]( Redact to unblock enterprises and organizations that need to anonymize their images at scale with high precision and recall. The service is API accessible and has options to redact faces, license plates, brands, and other text in images.

Some uses cases where super.AI Redact will provide a benefit:

  • Insurers: anonymize sensitive information in claims documentation or evidence
  • Automotive companies: remove licence plates and other publicly identifiable information from imagery used to train computer vision algorithms
  • Research groups: make more data accessible for collaboration by gaining GDPR compliance

We’re already hard at work preparing the next version of super.AI Redact, which will see custom redact settings that let users define thresholds that map to their needs—enabling them to achieve the highest level of accuracy and compliance for individual use cases. Our next release will also see image post-processing options to adjust image compression and size.

Set up a super.AI Redact project

We’re interested in making AI as accessible as possible. We think that shows. Getting a super.AI Redact project up and running couldn’t be simpler. 

Head to the super.AI Redact store page and click Try it out.

Once you’ve created an account, getting your data into the system is straightforward: you can upload images directly or provide a list of image URLS in CSV or JSON format. 

However, most of our customers prefer using our API to integrate our service into their own systems or products and send data automatically. We have a set of getting started guides that show you how to get set up, whether you prefer to use cURL, Python, or our CLI. We also offer a comprehensive API reference that documents every endpoint and relevant parameter.

Once you’ve uploaded a data point, you just need to choose which types of data (faces, licence plates, brands, and/or text) you want redacted.

After a few moments, you will see your first data point available for review.

Try it out now: super.AI Redact store page.

Got a question or dealing with a particularly tricky use case? Contact us. We will be happy to figure things out with you.

Lars Wulfken
Lars Wulfken
Chief Product Officer (CPO)
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