We get it, making AI projects work isn't easy

Quality at scale is hard to obtain

You frequently run into this dilemma: how do I get human accuracy at AI speed? This balance is hard to strike. AI often has a low accuracy and human BPOs are not fast enough.

Data scientists have to do monotonous work

Your highly skilled and expensive team of data scientists has to perform highly repetitive and monotonous tasks, such as data labeling, instead of focusing on more meaningful tasks.

Your in-house tools and processes can't scale fast enough

Even when you have some in-house labeling capabilities, aggregating and scaling often takes way too long.

It's often a human or AI-based solution—not both

Most solutions out there only offer one of them, and you often have to spend time and money to find out this is not sufficient for your needs.

Speed and ease of integration often miss the mark

Getting your project live—from aggregating data and building the dataset to POC—can take several months.

Existing solutions are not made to order

Most solutions are designed to meet high level generic needs. They are not customized and flexible enough for your specific use case and speed of execution.

What our customers say

At super.AI, we do things differently! Read about how we've helped our customers overcome these obstacles. Let us help you accelerate your AI project.

"Super.AI gave us 90% accuracy from the 50% accuracy we had when using another company"

Marie P - Research Manager, Stealth Startup
"Super.AI's solution allowed us to scale with the amount of intelligence. They were able to do it fast. We could scale our product without fear"
Callum Barns - Product Lead, LogMeIn
"We tried to automate in-house, but wanted it scaled faster so that our analysts can focus on in-depth analysis instead of focusing on features. That was not the best use of their time"
Marie P - Research Manager, Stealth Startup
"We have an in house labeler coordinator, contracting and managing labelers directly. We are happy with what they do, but the “platform” is really not capable - it's slow and buggy. Your platform is much better"
Simone C - Tech Lead Machine Learning, Digital Signage Provider
"We were looking for a tech first, human second solution, which gives us a higher degree of advanced automation. Other companies we tried were human manual first, which isn't bad but if you're trying to do it fast at scale it's better to use technology like super.AI"
Marie P - Research Manager, Stealth Startup
"Your delivery speed was the value. It was quite fast. The result was also quite impressive. We value the cooperation a lot and the team was very supportive throughout the entire process"
Yuluarjo Sentosa - CTO, Triputra
"We have a lot of different use cases, that's why one of the things that appeals to use is the generality of the super.AI tool. We want to use it for many different things"
Colton R - Program Manager, Leading American Insurer

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