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Process 100% of Complex

Automate business processes end-to-end with guaranteed results using super.AI Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

Complex Documents

Super.AI IDP breaks down complex documents into smaller components, then leverages the best AI, human, and software worker to process each—ensuring high-quality results.
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100% Processing

Curated human workers from our on-demand Data Processing Crowd review low-confidence fields to maintain 100% data processing.
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Outcome Guarantee

Users define project priorities for quality, cost, and speed, then super.AI intelligently selects the best combination of human, AI ,and software workers to guarantee outcomes.
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Any Data Type

Our unified AI platform is a future-proof investment with support for any unstructured data type—including documents, images, videos, audio, text, and more.
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Automate Complexity with the super.AI Platform

Connect your unstructured data sources manually or via API calls, then define project priorities (quality, cost, and speed).
Processing is broken down into smaller tasks, then routed to the best available AI, human, or software worker for processing.
The processed data is intelligently combined into a unified output.
Over 150+ quality assurance mechanisms, including human review for low-confidence results, ensure outputs consistently meet or exceed user defined thresholds.
New AI models are continuously trained and deployed using the combined output.

Trusted by Intelligent Automation Innovators


120k Hours

Returned in 1 year


95% Accuracy



$5 Million

Saved in 2 years


We onboarded one of your competitors and they failed miserably. They just had a bunch of heuristics they used to extract the data. We have evaluated most alternatives, but this is different. I’ve never seen anything like it. I love the crowd sourcing, intelligent router, and that you can bring in different AI engines.

Project Leader
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We simply couldn't have handled our current customer workload in-house before super.AI. Time-consuming, manual data processing was preventing our business from scaling. This partnership has allowed us to significantly expand our workflow beyond what we thought possible.

Senior Project Manage
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Unstructured Data Processing Has Limitless Possibilities

From financial services to healthcare, the world's biggest industries can benefit from applying intelligent automation to unstructured data. Discover new AI-powered applications across sectors.

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