LLM Intelligence

AI-powered document processing with the intelligence of generative AI. Take advantage of the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) to solve document automation challenges.
Do More with Less Data
Generative pre-trained models like GPT-4 improve zero- and few-shot learning, making it possible to do more with limited resources and data, ensuring automation initiatives don't stall.
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Build Custom AI
Leverage AI agents to customize foundation models like GPT-4 for your data and use case. Our generative AI agents, featuring self-improving feedback loops and memory, excel as prompt engineers, ML model trainers, QA testers and much more.
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Improve Data Extraction Accuracy
LLMs excel at interpreting context in unstructured datasets, greatly enhancing data extraction precision for complex documents. Get better extraction results across diverse document types, including advanced table recognition and more.
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Boost Automation Rates
GPT-4 enhances and even (sometimes) outperforms top optical character recognition (OCR) models in extraction accuracy. Increase automation rates with reduced human intervention, streamlining your processes and improving overall productivity.
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Keep your data secure and compliant

Super.AI offers enterprise-grade security.
  • Support SOC 2 and GDPR compliance
  • Granular role and user management
  • Detailed audit trails and logs for each document
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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Automate information extraction from any business document with guaranteed quality using next-generation AI and Data Processing Crowd.
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