Key Benefits

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is a rapidly growing software technology that enables organizations to automate the processing of unstructured data – documents, forms, text, images, video and more. With IDP, artificial intelligence is used to understand and interpret unstructured data so it can be automatically sorted, classified, and processed according to organizational rules and preferences.
Best Results
Open, composable platform selects optimal combination of document AI and/or OCR for your use case
Guaranteed Quality
Intelligently route tasks between any combination of AI, human, and software workers to guarantee results
High ROI
Abstract complexity and focus on results. Automatically balance quality, cost, and speed for optimal performance



Platform Success Story

Key IDP Capabilities



Seamlessly upload/download documents manually, or via APIs



Break document classification, OCR, extraction, and post-processing into simpler tasks and route each task intelligently to the best AI, humans, or software to optimize results



Continuously learns from humans to deploy new AI workers and improve automation rates



Intelligently route tasks to humans for annotation/review, measure their performance, and auto escalate to meet/exceed quality goals



Leverage 150+ different mechanisms to deliver desired results with guaranteed quality.

IDP Use Cases

Manually processing a single invoice can cost up to $15. Lower manual invoice processing costs by 85% or more by automatically classifying and extracting paper, scanned, or PDF invoice data. Seamlessly integrate with your RPA or ERP system to automate invoice processing at scale.
Purchase Orders
Manual purchase order processing can cost up to $506 per order. Reduce manual processing costs by 90% or more by automatically classifying and extracting actionable information from purchase orders. Seamlessly integrate with your RPA, CRM, or ERP system for end-to-end automation.
Shipping and Receiving Documents
Processing bill of landing documents is time consuming, tedious, and error prone. Decrease processing costs by 80%  or more while improving accuracy by automating extraction of key bill of lading data including signatures and handwritten notes.
Insurance Claims
Insurance claims processing involves FNOL and other supporting documents. Use AI to dramatically drive down costs by automating classification and data extraction from any claim document.   
Loan Applications
Process core loan applications and any supporting documents at scale to verify income, expenses, assets, and more. Automatically classify and extract key decision making information from loan application documents to significantly reduce underwriting costs.
Variable formats make managing and processing contracts time consuming and exhausting. Automate contract review by automatically extracting key terms to lower processing and manual data entry costs.