Artificial Intelligence for Insurance

Artificial Intelligence for Insurance

Streamline claims processing for both customers and employees by automating claims document processing, damage assessment, customer service quality checks, and much more.

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What can AI do for financial services?

Uses AI to extract and organize information from unstructured data such as images, documents, audio, video, and text.

Enhance Transaction Data
Automatically turn messy billing descriptors into clean transactions, leading to reduced customer service calls and better customer experience.

Accelerate KYC Compliance
Automate processing of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents to speed up new customer approval and onboarding.

Process Documents Intelligently 
Process, analyze, and extract relevant information from documents automatically to accelerate bank form processing, due diligence, credit application reviews, and more.

Personalize Recommendations
Provide personalized product recommendations customized based on user preferences and behavior, leading to more satisfied customers and increased revenue. 

Improve Customer Experience
Create a better customer experience by using AI to accelerate customer service response times, provide more helpful answers to inquiries, and more.

Remove the mundane from your work
Think about all the repetitive tasks you do all day—taking pictures, listening to calls, writing up reports, transcribing serial numbers of assets for hours... What if you could let AI do this for you? Take back your job and return creativity and fun to your day to day.
Without Super.AI
1. Take pictures on inspections
2. Create a transcription interface and database
3. Have your highly skilled people manually transcribe serial numbers
4. Check the quality by reviewing the transcriptions
5. Copy the transcribed data into your core system
6. Work with an external firm for 6 months to train, deploy, and monitor an AI model that automates the process
7. Maintain, version, and update the system
8. Get your tasks done in several hours
With Super.AI
1. Take pictures on inspections
2. Upload the images to super.AI
3. Get your tasks done in 1 hour
Automating your processes with AI really can be that easy.

Super.AI Solutions

Document PII Redaction

Detect and redact personally identifiable information (PII) from documents including names, addresses, social security numbers, and more.

Vehicle Inspection & Damage Detection

Automatically inspect vehicle images or videos to detect damage.

PII Anonymization

Redact or blur personally identifiable information such as faces, license plate numbers, and credit card numbers in documents, videos, audio, text, and more.

Medical Invoice Transcription

Automate your medical invoices, regardless of which system they come from.

Medical Provider Fraud

Automatically compare data from medical providers with user reported medical visits.

Image Redaction

Automate anonymization of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as faces, license plate numbers, and brands in images.

Homeowners pricing - Fraud detection

Get estimates for housing material, building height, square footage, distance to fire hazards such as shrubs, and more.

Homeowners pricing

Verify user reported pricing information (distances from home to local fire stations, police stations, fire hydrants) without the need for field adjustment.

FNOL autofill and routing

Route to specialized adjusters such as medical examiners and subrogation directly from FNOL where appropriate.

Flight Risk Flag

Analyze customer calls to understand customer sentiment and prioritize claims from disgruntled customers.

Claims Report Data Extraction

Eliminate manual data extraction for more efficient and effective claims management

Claims adjuster case prioritization

Expedite cycle time by prioritizing cases for claims adjusters in the most efficient order.

Claim Document Transcription

Structure documents uploaded to claim files for analytics and efficiency.

Industry-Specific Use Cases

Transportation & Logistics

Streamline Class 8 condition reporting, sellers/buyers report generation, DOT inspection, yellow iron report, and forklift and equipment inspection.

Food & Agriculture

Automate assessment of crop quality and health, crop yield estimation, pre-shipment/loading/unloading inspection, and storage facility cleanliness inspection.

Energy & Mining

Streamline asset inventory, asset integrity assessment, boiler and pressure inspection, commodities monitoring, and shop/site inspection.

Building & Infrastructure

Analyze images to detect cosmetic and structural building damage, detect building code violations, assess the suitability of roof for solar deployment, inventory equipment, assess equipment damage, and assess the condition of infrastructures such as bridges and roads.

Automotive & Insurance

Automate vehicle appraisal, vehicle and property damage assessment, leased/rented vehicle return condition assessment.

You can see the difference
in a couple of days
Try the super.AI system entirely at our expense. Test us out for 14 days so you can experience ease of use, quality, and time savings that were just not possible in the past.
1. Measure current state
Measure how many visitations you are doing in a normal day. Measure the time it takes to upload,  transcribe, and measure the accuracy of 10% of the images collected.
2. Measure super.AI ROI
The next day, use the super.AI system, and measure the same things. When you subtract the times, you will find at least a 2 hour difference, and the quality will be > 10% better.
3. Bonus: improves over time
If you do this measurement every few months, you will see the turnaround time drop after a few months by 63%.
The value you get
Automated Workload
10 days/year
Cost savings
Guaranteed quality, cost, and speed! Yes!
Try the super.AI system entirely at our expense. Test us out for 14 days so you can experience ease of use, quality, and time savings that were just not possible in the past.
Super.AI must meet your quality goals or give all your money back.
Super.AI must return your processed data back in the promised time or return your full purchase price back.
Bonus: super.AI must get significantly better, faster, and cheaper over time or you get a heavy discount.

AI is complicated, slow, and expensive. Think again!

There’s a widespread idea out that integration AI into your product is risky, timely and often with mixed results. We beg to differ!
Ai is too expensive
Not with super.AI. Thanks to its very simple drag-and-drop interface, all you need to do is submit your data. We will do the rest.
AI is too complicated
To get started, you just need to upload your images. We'll take care of the rest.
My images and other data is too complex
We've worked with tens of customers on highly specialized data points and were always able to deliver higher than 90% quality. Our solution offers the option to bring in your own labelers and reviewers to guarantee the level of quality you desire.
I don't have data scientists
With super.AI, you don't need them! You can easily integrate AI through our API—we'll take care of the rest.

Download our overview to find out more about:

The Super.AI value proposition.
Real-world applications of AI-powered automation.
More use cases where AI can help you.
The benefits of the Super.AI solution.
Additional customer testimonials.
Thanks, you will soon receive an email with a link to download the 3 pager.
Thanks, you will soon receive an email with a link to download the 3 pager.

AI Success Stories

Allstate Automates Vehicle Damage Claims with super.AI
Allstate needed to automate the review of thousands of images and videos of vehicle damage with the goal of reducing claims adjustment times from weeks to days. By partnering with super.AI, the company was able to improve customer experience (CX) through reduced claims cycle times as well as improve efficiency while reducing costs.
Verisk Optimizes Sales Calls with super.AI
Verisk wanted to build an active learning tool to optimize sales call and improve customer satisfaction. By partnering with super.AI, the company was able to quickly build and deploy an AI-powered audio processing solution that satisfied strict data privacy requirements while extracting actionable insights from customer conversations.

Three Pillars

Guaranteed Quality
The only AI platform that guarantees data quality while allowing enterprises to fine tune platform confidence, cost, and processing speed to suit specific application scenarios.
Rapid Automation
Build, test, and deploy a personalized solution that satisfies the highest data security standards in weeks (not months or years) without writing a single line of code.
Any Data Source
Process any unstructured data type including transaction data, billing statements, customer forms, KYC documents, and more using AI, bot, and human workers.

The simplicity of super.AI

Automate your process with AI—free up your site inspectors
Free up your site inspectors' time. Let's face it, the current process is highly manual, error prone, and time consuming for your site inspectors.
Increase processing speed
Your site inspectors spend several hours a day uploading site images one by one. This takes a lot of time away from their core job and slows your overall process.
Reduce errors and costs
At the end of a long day of work, your site inspectors need to input serial numbers. Let's face it, this is a soul-crushing job that nobody really wants to do, and it's not a surprise that errors arise, creating additional costs for your company.
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