Automate Document Classification

Tackling the chaos of various document types can be overwhelming. Our IDP solution's automated document classification feature cuts through this complexity, turning a jumble of documents into neatly organized categories.
Precise Document Classification, Powered by AI
Say goodbye to the cumbersome task of manual document sorting. Our AI-driven technology seamlessly classifies and organizes your documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
Achieve 90%+ Document Classification Accuracy
Our Intelligent Document Processing delivers more than 90% accuracy in classifying your documents, ensuring that the right data is sorted and utilized effectively.
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Simplify Document Handling via Email
Easily forward documents like invoices, purchase orders, and more to super.AI through email. Experience hassle-free classification without leaving your inbox.
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Intelligent Splitting for Complex Documents
Our IDP system excels in handling complex document batches. Send us a PDF containing multiple invoices, and watch as our system intelligently recognizes and separates each invoice, organizing them into distinct, individual files.
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Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Automate information extraction from any business document with guaranteed quality using next-generation AI and Data Processing Crowd.
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