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Nov 30, 2020
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Built with Super.AI: Cashierless Checkout

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Lars Wulfken
Chief Product Officer (CPO)

We’re always finding new ways for customers to leverage our platform. The versatility of super.AI means that we have been able to put our solution to work in scenarios we had never imagined. One of the areas where we’ve helped clients to outpace their competitors is in the retail space—and not just online. 

One of the biggest pains for in-store shoppers is the checkout process. Queues, cash, and carrier bags increasingly turn people to online shopping. A smooth in-store experience without waiting times is now a hallmark of successful retailers. Press play on the video below to find out how we’re helping brick-and-mortar stores label the data they need to provide a modern shopping experience. If you're a retailer who'd like to use our platform to accelerate your data processing, reach out to us.

Thanks to our platform, we enabled customers to cut down labelling time by up to a factor of twenty. This is critical when looking to improve user in store experience since the sheer volume of data that needs to be labeled to get the experience right is in some cases huge. And it’s a challenge for data science teams to keep the quality high consistently.

Let’s have a look behind the scenes…It all starts with a few simple steps to define on what we want to do.

First, you enter some instructions and don’t worry if they are not complete yet, because we can refine them later. Give some guidance for the rules for the bounding boxes and the keypoint.

Getting your data into the system is straightforward: we support upload via CSV, JSON, and entering data manually. There’s also our API if you want to integrate it into your own systems and send data automatically.

Once you’ve uploaded the data it is labeled by our combination of humans and AI.

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