Use Cases

Speed up claim assessment and processing while reducing fraud

Assessing car damage takes time. In-person inspections are slow and costly, and so is expert manual analysis of remote images from car claims—and often estimated costs provided to the insurer and customer are simply not accurate enough. 

AI-driven automated vehicle damage detection offers a new standard of accuracy and speed, at a lower cost, with built-in fraud detection, helping to accelerate claim settlements and increase customer satisfaction.

Put vehicle damage detection on autopilot

Streamline and expedite vehicle damage assessment and estimation

Insurance scams cause $29 billion of damage to auto insurers annually, with car accident damage fraud accounting for more than $3 billion alone.

AI offers an immediate solution to streamline vehicle damage inspection, assessment, cost estimation—and fraud detection. AI can also learn from actual cost data over time to make more accurate predictions.

Automate damage detection and estimation with Super.Image. Super.Image is an AI-driven automation solution for detecting damage from vehicle images to reduce processing time, cost, and errors.

Key Benefits

Reduce Costs
Eliminate the need for onsite visits with remote, self-service assessments.
Improve Accuracy
Continuously train AI using actual costs to improve accuracy.
Save time
Reduce churn by providing a faster, hassle-free experience.
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