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Accelerating Time to Launch by 10X for a Stealth Software Startup

Starting point

Our client is building a digital product that requires a large amount of data to be continuously updated. They needed to know which features do products have, as stated on the product websites. Their use case in this case was web scraping and process automation: product pricing, feature existence, site design and integration capacity.

They were working with a manpower provided at a fixed hourly rate. The vendor used was managing the job in spreadsheets, with an accuracy of 20-50% and a throughput of only 30-50 products delivered daily. The data was also poor structured and the language used varied between products and product categories.

Their team was spending countless hours on menial tasks, whereas they wanted to spend time garnering valuable insights from the data. They wanted to scale their processes, but they couldn't find a partner that could yield high enough accuracy at scale.

Automating with super.AI

The customer reached out to us in an attempt to automate and scale their web scraping process and significantly accelerate the speed, deliverables per day as well as the accuracy of the output. The delays incurred by using manual labor were putting their product launch at risk.

super.AI provided the client with a dashboard and an API to scale their process. We created a custom data program that allowed flexible keywords and search terms to be used to find evidence of a feature existing for a given product URL.

The output we provided to the client provided the following information:

  • does the feature exist?
  • what is the text that proves the feature exists?
  • what is the URL that contains the text?


"We are now collecting tons of information at a high level of accuracy. super.AI is a great platform if you have needs you think can be automated, you have limited internal resources, and you can't hire a team of 50 people to do your monotonous work. super.AI is a great solution for that.."

Using our automated process, we were able to increase the throughput 10 times, from 30 to 300 daily. The accuracy of our automated output was 90% compared to the previous levels (30-50). Additionally, we were able to provide information to the customer that was not captured before. Our well structured output enabled statistics to improve even more and iterate faster.

The customer team is now able to focus more on high level projects, which allows them to leverage their creativity and analytical frameworks rather than doing menial tasks. Given the results they've achieved with us, they are now asking for 5x more workload from the super.AI platform within 2 months of starting our collaboration.

"We tried everything in house, and we tried working with other companies. We were struggling with scaling our process. Working with you, we are finding that groove in a relatively quick manner that we feel good about."


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