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Intelligent Automation
Nov 17, 2021
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Super.AI at Intelligent Automation Week Winter 2021

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Brad Cordova
Founder, CEO

Intelligent Automation (IA) Week is semiannual event held by the IA Network, a community of global transformation strategy, automation, innovation, and technology leaders. For the first time in nearly two years, IA Week will be held in person at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside from December 1-3, 2021.

IA Week is focused on using automation to maximize output, efficiency, and time-savings. This winter’s event will center around topics that include measuring and communicating the value of automation projects, expanding the role of IT in automation, pairing good processes with opportunities for automation, and automating center of excellence (COE) governance. Those interested in attending can find more information on the event pricing page.

Join the unstructured data processing conversation with Super.AI

Super.AI makes artificial intelligence more accessible by streamlining unstructured data processing (UDP). By automating image, audio, video, and text data processing, Super.AI enables organizations to quickly and inexpensively leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Super.AI’s product suite minimizes human input for both repetitive tasks, such as nameplate data extraction, and more complex ones, such as vehicle damage detection.

As part of its participation in IA Week Winter 2021, Super.AI is sponsoring an interactive discussion on December 2nd from 2:20-3:50PM. Brad Cordova, CEO of Super.AI, and Samuel Aborne, SVP of Services and Operations Enablement at Cbre Group, will be co-hosting the discussion. Conversations will center around how to manage the roughly 90% of enterprise data that is unstructured, UDP applications such as visual inspection and quality assurance, as well as expanding the role of automation in business by using AI to unlock the hidden potential of unstructured data. 

From automatic image processing to inventory management, the applications of unstructured data processing and AI-powered automation are virtually limitless. If you suspect your business may benefit from using machine learning to automate tasks or make sense of unstructured data, contact Super.AI to schedule a demo today. Alternatively, drop by booth #7 at IA Week Winter 2021 and see us in person!

Check out these additional AI and automation resources

Super.AI doesn’t just make artificial intelligence easy to use, we also try to make it easier to understand. For more information about AI and unstructured data processing, check out these resources: 

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