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Computer Vision

Automated Claims Processing Has Changed the Insurance World

AI-powered unstructured data processing enables insurance companies to automate claims handling. Automation improves accuracy by eliminating data extraction errors and accelerates claims processing thanks to rapid data extraction.

Privacy Laws
Privacy & Redaction

Confidential Information is Risky—So Automatically Redact It

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to automatically redact sensitive information from virtually any data type. Don’t accidentally expose confidential data when you could just automatically redact it. Learn how Super.AI leverages AI to protect sensitive information in image, video, text, and other unstructured data.


Super.AI at Slush 2021

Join us at the largest gathering of venture capital in the world! Find Super.AI at Slush 2021 from Dec 1-2 in Helsinki. We hope to see you there.

Intelligent Automation

Super.AI at Intelligent Automation Week Winter 2021

Join us Dec 1-3 in New Orleans to discuss unstructured data processing and the future of AI-powered automation at IA Week Winter 2021.

AI & Machine Learning

Breaking Down Speech Recognition Powered by Intelligent Machines

Speech recognition involves converting spoken language into text. Discover how artificial intelligence is used to power speech recognition applications spanning customer service, smart devices, home automation, and more.

TIC Services
Industry Applications

AI-Powered Nameplate Data Extraction for Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) Services

Manually transcribing nameplate data is a boring, repetitive, and time consuming task that humans are poorly suited for. Learn how AI can be used to automate data extraction for TIC services providers, leading to an estimated operational cost savings of 97%.

AI & Machine Learning

NLP is Made Possible by Part-of-Speech Tagging

Part-of-speech (POS) tagging is an essential component of teaching machines to understand human language. This article explains how AI-powered POS tagging works and what it can do for your business.

AI Trends
IDP & Automation

Modernizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with Artificial Intelligence

Learn how optical character recognition works, the ways artificial intelligence is enhancing it, and what it can do for your business.

Named Entity Recognition
AI & Machine Learning

What Does Named Entity Recognition Do?

Named entity recognition (NER) is the task of identifying and categorizing key information in text. Explore the basics of NER and how you can apply it.

AI Trends
Unstructured Data
AI & Machine Learning

Crossing the Chasm of Unstructured Data

The rapid expansion of unstructured data is quickly reaching crisis levels. Learn why this unprecedented growth comes with problems, and how AI can be used to overcome them.

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