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Document Automation
Unstructured Data
IDP & Automation

Transform BPO with Modern IDP/UDP Solutions

Business Process Outsourcing has been evolving since its inception. Discover how next-generation IDP/UDP solutions are helping BPO grow into “Business Data Services.”

IDP & Automation

10 Logistics Documents to Automate with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Discover how and why to automate processing of common logistics documents including bills of lading (BoL), customs declaration forms, packing lists, and more.

Shared Services
IDP & Automation

Accelerating Shared Services Digitization with Next-Generation IDP/UDP Solutions

Learn how modern Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) solutions can accelerate digitization and unlock the ability to process any unstructured data at scale.

Invoice Processing
IDP & Automation

Automating Invoice Processing: Super.AI vs. Microsoft Azure

Discover key differences between the super.AI Invoice Parser and the MS Azure Form Recognizer invoice model.

IDP & Automation

10 Financial Services Use Cases for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Global finance runs on data. Discover how your organization can get ahead by processing more of it. Unlock unstructured finance documents at scale with super.AI.

AI Trends
Intelligent Automation

The Role of Intelligent Automation Amid Global Slowdown

As the global economy slows down, companies are turning to intelligent automation to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Vendor Selection
IDP & Automation

4 Questions to Ask Your IDP Vendor

Most IDP vendors offer closed point solutions that struggle with Unstructured Data Processing (UDP). To avoid pitfalls, enterprises should ask IDP vendors these four questions.

Data Labeling
Unstructured Data
AI & Machine Learning

The Power of the Crowd: A Gig Economy for Unstructured Data Processing

Learn what the super.AI Data Processing Crowd is, how it works, and how it can transform the way your business automates data processing at scale.

Invoice Processing
Accounts Payable
IDP & Automation

Put Processing on Autopilot with the Super.AI Invoice Parser

Learn how Super.AI moves document processing forward with invoice processing automation rates of 95% or higher.

Data Privacy
Document Automation
Privacy & Redaction

Redacting Sensitive Content in PDFs: Adobe Acrobat vs. Document.Redact

Manual and semi-automated redaction is unreliable at scale. Learn why Document.Redact, an AI-automated redaction solution from Super.AI, outperforms Adobe Acrobat—a legacy tool that is the digital equivalent of manual redaction.

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