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AI Trends
Intelligent Automation

Here's What We Heard at IA Week Chicago 2022

First-generation IDP products are falling short, with enterprises struggle to automate invoice processing beyond 50-60%. Both IDP and UDP are seeing expanded adoption and use cases.

IDP & Automation

Medical Claims Processing is Complicated—Here's Why It Should Be Automated

In this article, we explain how advances in artificial intelligence make it possible to automate processing of any medical claims document at scale, improving accuracy, speed and cost efficiency.

PO Processing
Accounts Payable
IDP & Automation

What is Purchase Order Processing (and Why Should I Automate It)?

Learn about purchase order processing, the benefits of automating it, and how super.AI can help.

Data Privacy
Document Automation
Privacy & Redaction

Redacting Information from Documents Automatically

Businesses remain far too reliant on manual document redaction. Learn how AI and unstructured data processing make it possible to automatically redact information from any document at scale.

Document Understanding
IDP & Automation

Next-Generation AI Document Automation Software Understands Any Document

Learn how second generation AI document automation solutions are disrupting the market with fresh approaches and better technology.

Data Capture
Data Digitization
Digital Transformation
AI & Machine Learning

What Is Data Capture (Now and in the Future)?

Learn what data capture is, how it works, its benefits, and how recent advancements in AI are disrupting this $5B market.

IDP & Automation

Automating Data Extraction from Common Customs Documents

Learn how AI can be used to automatically extract information from any customs document, as well as how this functionality can be leveraged to power advanced customs process automations.

Invoice Processing
Accounts Payable
IDP & Automation

Complete Guide to AI-automated Invoice Processing

Discover the benefits of automating invoice processing with AI, including the technology involved, common hurdles to success, and how to get started.

IDP & Automation

Automating Logistics and Transportation Document Processing

Discover the process and benefits of automated document processing for transportation and logistics, including the various documents types that can be processed automatically using AI.

IDP & Automation

Here’s Why You Should Automate KYC Compliance With AI

Learn how automating your KYC compliance with AI can improve accuracy, save time and money, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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